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October 3th, in Bilbao

Solo queda un mes para la celebración del I Foro sobre Moda y Diseño que desde Bilbao International Art&Fashion hemos organizado para todos aquellos que sientan pasión por este sector.

Posted 09/03/13 - 9:32 PM

Dalí, without a precedent

Never ever an exhibition in Madrid had had so many visitors.

Posted 09/02/13 - 5:22 PM

Made in America with love

Alex and Ani, American jewelry brand, is finally in Spain.

Posted 08/31/13 - 1:51 PM

Alma Aguilar returns

The Spanish designer opens her online store.

Posted 08/14/13 - 2:9 PM

Behind the Scenes. Art & Fashion

An exhibition that you can visit till October 20 at Modern Art Institute of Valencia.

Posted 08/06/13 - 12:28 PM

Escent of Obsession

Italians usually are crazy for fashion. It is strange if you find one of them and he does not wear some clothe with a big brand on his outfit.

Posted 07/18/13 - 2:3 PM

MF Show Men

Madrid presents a careful and elegant man.

Posted 07/16/13 - 8:57 PM

The color of the sea

The Sorolla Museum proposes an exhibition very summery.

Posted 07/15/13 - 1:28 PM


This summer Barcelona is again the center of fashion world.

Posted 07/11/13 - 1:11 PM

Piluca Bayarri

Summer arrives and we look for the typical design of one of the most visited islands of our country, Ibiza.

Posted 07/09/13 - 2:52 PM

Their turn arrives

Madrid joins menswear runways already held in New York and Paris.

Posted 07/08/13 - 12:43 PM


A glamorous fashion exhibition at Kensington Palace, Fashion Rules.

Posted 07/04/13 - 10:19 AM

Bags with great depth

Sarah's bag is an example of a company whose purpose is to use fashion to give life to those who think it has been lost.

Posted 07/03/13 - 1:52 PM

Yes, we can

Women begin to emerge in the senior leadership of the fashion companies.

Posted 07/02/13 - 2:10 PM

Reed Krakoff

This is the man who has been replaced by Vevers.

Posted 07/01/13 - 2:12 PM

June Dossier

Interviews, young talent, an influential blogger and how Internet has changed the intellectual property.

Posted 06/27/13 - 1:8 PM

Music and Fashion

The film or music worlds always attract attention. Actors and singers are setting a trend.

Posted 06/26/13 - 11:36 AM

Coach vs Loewe

Last night we knew a story about the fashion industry that made alarm bells ringing.

Posted 06/25/13 - 3:54 PM

Live Fashion

This afternoon students of Fashion Design graduate from the University of the Basque Country presented their projects.

Posted 06/24/13 - 3:45 PM

Seeking comfort

Sometimes we have to pull big bags because their designs do not include wheels.

Posted 06/21/13 - 10:29 AM

From Croatian, tie

The history, use, colors, reasons of tie are for many, myself included, an unknown world.

Posted 06/20/13 - 11:49 AM

Fashion Trends Analysis

It aims to bring across specific knowledge in the sociological research field and global market and consumer fashion trends analysis.

Posted 06/19/13 - 5:12 PM

London Fashion in the 80s

10 July 2013 - 16 February 2014. Discover the creative explosion of London fashion in the 1980s in a major exhibition at the V&A.

Posted 06/17/13 - 1:39 PM

Wine and Fashion

Dinastía Vivanco Winery will host June 25 the collections of students of the School of Design of La Rioja in Spain.

Posted 06/14/13 - 11:27 AM

Salvatore Ferragamo

Today it is a luxury shoe brand but the origin of its creator well worth a movie script.

Posted 06/13/13 - 10:48 AM

Manet: Portraying Life

Posted 02/07/13 - 6:25 PM


Posted 02/07/13 - 6:25 PM

Leather fur textile componet

Posted 01/30/13 - 10:44 AM

Wolfgang Laib

Posted 01/30/13 - 10:44 AM

Unexpected Pleasures

Posted 01/30/13 - 10:43 AM

Fashion Law

Posted 01/21/13 - 1:17 PM


Posted 01/21/13 - 1:15 PM

Light from the middle east new photography

Posted 01/09/13 - 1:36 PM

Egon Schiele

Posted 01/09/13 - 1:31 PM


Posted 01/09/13 - 1:30 PM

Takashi Murakami - Flowers & Skulls

Posted 01/09/13 - 1:27 PM

Inventing Abstraction, 1910–1925

Posted 01/09/13 - 1:24 PM

Blog Couture

Posted 04/26/12 - 7:19 PM