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12/15/10 - 4:11 PM

Imperial Chinese Robes from the Forbidden City at the Victoria&Albert, London

Imperial Chinese Robes from the Forbidden City at the Victoria&Albert Museum, London

This exhibition shows three centuries of beautiful and historic royal robes worn by the emperors and empresses of the Qing Dynasty, the last ruling dynasty of China (1644-1911).

On display are elaborate and exquisite robes, hats, shoes and children's clothes, along with beautifully patterned fabrics created for the fashion-conscious Empress Dowager Cixi and her court ladies. The exhibition also explores the complex rules and conventions specifying which clothes should be worn on different court occasions: from official robes for important rituals to festive dresses for banquets and celebrations, and travelling ensembles for hunting and royal visits to the provinces. On show for the first time in Europe, this is a rare opportunity to see these sumptuous historic garments.

All objects in the exhibition are from the Palace Museum, Beijing

From 7 December 2010 to 27 February 21011

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