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01/31/12 - 4:14 PM

Art and Artists


From Bilboost, with these reviews a day, we try to show young designers, identify possible sources of inspiration, discover relationships between fashion and art with any other activity, we also try to highlight places of interest, such as events and exhibitions...

Also, not forgetting new technologies we recommend blogs, usually about fashion or photography. But today, we highlight this "artisitc" discovery: Arte y Artistas.

It is a blog written by Gonzalo Fontana who tries to rescue from oblivion some artists showing their works and their thoughts, and see with new eyes the works of the best known.

Fontana unworthy constantly seeing new "artists" that untalented start their career with the abstract, without stopping to think that an artist, in order to reach the deconstruction of his work, needs to study the techniques first, then completely master follow a trend or create another.

In this virtual space are also listed on the 25 most expensive paintings, the best art blogs, 64 new artists and a forum for questions.

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