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11/22/10 - 8:49 PM

An amazing exhibition: Vivanco, art in a bottle

Greatest artists as Barceló, Tapiés, Miró or Picasso gave an interpretation of wine along their careers whose paintings are now shown in the exhibition Vivanco, arte y en Botella. It is in Lavinia, in Madrid until the 10th December 2010.
Can you imagine a better atmosphere for wine and spirits lovers?

But is not only the wine in paintings, this exhibition is also about the nectar of earth in the shapes and in the bottom of some pieces from the classic Greece; an Skyphos and a silver ladle, dated on the 4th and 2nd centuries BC; a Bacchus, French sculpture of 19th century; and even a corkscrew. All these are the exclusive and authentic treasure since they are unique in the world.

The influence of wine in the culture of different centuries is reflected in these thirteen pieces, which is not an easy job. The whole collection (thousands of paintings and works) is available to the public in the Museo de la Cultura del Vino Dinastía Vivanco, in Briones, La Rioja, which was recognized in 2007 by UNESCO as the Best Museum of Wine in the world.

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